How to try and use the AI Google Bard bot right now

AI Google Bard bot

How to try and use the Google Bard bot right now

The ChatGPT application has achieved resounding success since its release, and the number of its users around the world has reached more than one million users within one week of its launch, and in the same week Google announced on February 6, 2023 that it will soon launch the experimental chat service and conversation with artificial intelligence Google Bard, and on March 21, 2023 Google has announced the opening of registration in waiting lists, through which it allows a limited number of users in the United States and the United Kingdom to access a trial version of Google Bard and try the application before it is officially launched to all users around the world. In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of how to register for Google Bard waiting lists and how to use it in all countries of the world.

What is Google BARD

It is an artificial intelligence-enhanced chat application that simulates human performance in conversations by creating written scripts to respond to human users’ questions, and it relies on an improved version of the LaMDA large language model, and it is also a voice assistant whose artificial neural network is configured on the basis of the “Transformer” deep learning model that Developed by Google in 2017, it is the same model as the language models used in other AI conversational applications such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

Google Bard is similar in its work to ChatGPT and Bing Chat applications, with some differences. For example, Google Bard uses the LaMDA language model, while the other two applications use the LLM model. The most prominent difference that distinguishes Google Bard from its competitors is that it derives its information directly from the web as it uses Google search results. To respond to people’s questions, such as Bing chats, while ChatGPT only relies on the set of information available until 2021 on which it has been trained.

How to sign up for a Google Bard trial

Google does not allow – until now – to register in the waiting list to try the preview version of Google Bard only for users located in a limited geographical range, which is the United States of America and the United Kingdom. If you try to access the registration page from outside these two countries, a message will appear stating that the service is not available in your country Therefore, if you want to join the Google Bard queue, your first step should be to use a VPN application such as ExpressVPN to connect to the Internet through servers located in the United States of America or the United Kingdom to overcome the geographic restrictions.

The next step is to sign in to your Google account. To use Google Bard, you must have a personal Google account. Joining through Google Workspace accounts is not allowed. You can then go to via the web browser you are using on your smartphone, computer or tablet, press the “Join Waitlist” button, and then you will be logged in with your Google account. After completion, you will need to wait a while until you receive an email titled “It’s your turn to try Bard” informing you that you are accepted to join the beta users. It usually only takes a few hours to receive a response, after which you’ll be able to have your first experience with Google Bard.

How to use Google Bard

Once you receive the response email with the right to try Google Bard, you can access the app by clicking on the “Take it for a spin” button attached to the email, or go directly to through a web browser where you can View the list of terms and privacy policy, which you must agree to when using the application for the first time and press the “I agree” button before you move to the next screen in which a notification window appears telling you that Google Bard is only a beta application and you will not get accurate answers from it always; Then you should press the “Got it” button in order to take you to the main interface of the application to start the experience of use.

The main Google Bard interface looks like any traditional chatting app where you can type a question or request in the text field at the bottom of the site screen and wait for the bot to respond which usually only takes a few seconds and appears in the middle part of the app screen just above the text box, but the thing is different Here is that the top of the Google Bard interface provides you with a set of ready-made suggested questions that you can ask the bot if you want to try the application and do not yet have any ideas or questions to start a conversation with the bot.

Now that you have asked your question to the bot and received an answer from it, there are a set of actions you can take regarding the bot’s answers in the Google Bard app. If the bot’s answer to your question is not satisfactory enough for you, you can either write your feedback or rate the answer using the like and dislike buttons. , or press the “New Response” button to get a new response. On the far right you can click on the menu button ( ⁝ ) to copy the answer by clicking on the “Copy” option.

You can also click on the Drafts List button located in the far right of the upper part of the chat box, which displays three different drafts that constitute alternative answers to your question, as shown in the attached image below. If you want to read extensively on the subject of the answer, you can press the “Google it” button, and the bot will present to you a set of suggested web pages on the same topic or other topics related to the subject of the answer. Once you click on one of these results, the application will automatically lead you to the Google search engine that will open in a new window.

The left side of the main Bard interface contains a set of additional options that allow you to clear the entire conversation with the bot and start a new conversation, or view all the questions you asked the bot, a feature that can be disabled anyway through the “Activities” page in the Google account, or View frequently asked questions about Bard, as well as help and support options, and report an incorrect or inappropriate answer.

The reliability of Google Bard is still questionable so far, especially since the app made a bunch of errors during its demo when the service was first announced where the app provided inaccurate information about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It’s still very early days for Google Bard to provide adequate answers with a high degree of accuracy and without errors, but like any other deep learning AI tool, it is expected that the performance of the application will improve over time with experience on a larger scale of users and with more Training and development processes, there is no doubt that there is a promising future waiting for conversational applications supported by artificial intelligence, even if they do not give us accurate enough answers at the present time.